About Us


Our Mission & what we believe in

Purify Fuel is a skilled sales and marketing organization with more than 200 years of experience in marketing complex solutions to the largest organizations on the planet. From AT&T, Boeing, GE to the US Government, Purify’s Management team has proven success at closing multi-million dollar deals leveraging the latest technology to solve mission critical problems! For the last five years, the Purify Fuels management team has been vetting new technologies to solve the fossil fuel emissions challenge.

After years of testing and trials, we have patented and launched our own nanotechnology-based fuel purifier that builds on the incredible work performed at Oxford and other universities worldwide by adding addition properties to the additive to satisfy customer requirements. Purify Fuel’s NanO2 fuel additive adds the following features to the initial Oxford University formula:

  • Adds an organic lubricant to protect engines running ULSD fuel,
  • Integrates a hydrogen catalyst to further enhance combustion,
  • Removes alcohol from the formula to better protect engines;
  • Stabilize fuel for improved storage and cold pour, and
  • Works on both gasoline (petrol) and diesel engines.