Market Annalysis summ

According to Future Market Insights, the fuel additives market is an $8 Billion market forecast to grow at approximately 6% per year. The largest and fastest growing segment of the fuel additives market is Lubricity Improves which was created with the advent of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (which is very harsh on engines) and reduces the life of the equipment. Further, the use of Ethanol in gas/petrol is also harsh on gasoline engines. It should also be noted that automobile use of fuel additives is growing as well.
Purify’s NanO2® product works on both gasoline/petrol and diesel engines. NanO2® includes a Lubricity Enhancers and an Antioxidant. Purify’s NanO2®product obviates the need for deposit control or a Cetane booster as Purify’s NanO2®product provides a cleaner burning output and cleans valves and injectors while boosting power by way of a more efficient use of the fuel. Finally, not a single competitor in the fuel additive market has been able to demonstrate significant fuel savings, while Purify offers a money back guarantee if a minimum of 5% fuel savings is not achieved. In effect, Purify’s NanO2® product addresses 60.3% of the Fuel Additive Market that has a current market opportunity of $5 Billion per year. Once Purify is able to demonstrate sufficient fuel savings through trials and 3rd Party Certifications, Purify’s opportunity to capture significant market share will be obtainable.


Marketing Strategy
Our plan focuses our sales on the following markets:
• Construction
• Mining Marine
• Power Generation
• Trucking
• Schools/Municipalities
• Oil & Gas Exploration
• Distillation/Boilers
Purify is currently working with companies in each of the above industries and is identifying key requirements for each market including the identification of key suppliers and engine types. Purify continues to recruit subject matter experts to join Purify’s team to creating industry specific Center of Excellence (“CoE”). Theses CoE leaders have excellent contacts and allow Purify to meet the right people and can help Purify obtain evaluations performed quickly in order to shorten the sales process. The market strategy is focused on building demand which will then be fulfilled by distributors. It is imperative that Purify continue to recruit representatives and distributors. Purify must also provide them with tools to create demand in the markets they serve by way of direct sales and evaluations.