Purify competed against a major oil company in an evaluation performed by a mining company. During this 30 day trial, Purify Fuel NanO2® product was found to reduce emissions by approximately 60% and reduce fuel usage by approximately 17%. Big oil’s product successfully reduced emissions, but with no corresponding reduction in energy usage. The local engineers are pushing to purchase Purify Fuel NanO2® product.

                                                                                                Gold Mining – 4 Vehicle Trial
truck2Type of Vehicle:                                               Caterpillar
Baseline Daily Fuel Usage                                   300 gals.
Treated with NanO2® – Daily Usage                 249 gals.
Fuel Savings Percentage                                   17.1%
Annual Savings/Truck (50 Wks)                         $ 69,255
Purify Fuel NanO2®Cost Per Truck                  $ 14,922
Net Savings Per Truck                                         $ 54,333
Decrease in Emissions                                        71%