Bio-Fuels, Ethanol, and Low Sulfur fuels, create the perfect storm to wear down and reduce the life of your engines; by as much as 25%. We added organic oils to our cleaner burning nanotechnology formula to:

  • Add lubricity to prevent engine wear
  • Eliminate carbon build-up
  • Clean injector systems & valves

This creates a cleaner burning, highly compressed ignition chamber that burns off built up carbon, protects your engine, and minimizes down time.

FE Just Ahead

Stabilize Fuel Supply

As mentioned above, poor quality fuels robs your engines of much of their total life. Purify Fuel improves the molecular structure of fuel and then adds standard and optional boosters:

  • Prevents water build-up in fuel tanks
  • Cold weather flow improvement (up to -40 F)
  • Optional biocides to treat fungus build-up

Purify Fuel can custom blend a solution for you to allow you to optimize performance with our single additive!