Purify Fuel improves your motors fuel efficiency by as much as 15%! Its nanotechnology-based particles adhere to the fuel molecules, creating:

  • Advances Ignition Timing
  • Complete burn of fuel in the cylinders
  • Increased power output from each stroke

Your engine’s computer monitors energy output and will limit the fuel applied to each cycle reducing the amount of fuel injected per stroke to save money!


Purify Fuel can achieve 15-20% fuel savings in stationary equipment such as generators, compressors and pumps. The same engine type, removed from a generator and integrated into a truck or car, frequently generates 8-15% fuel savings.

FE Just Ahead

This is due to the Gas Pedal Effect caused when the increased power is diverted for more speed or quicker acceleration, which impact fuel savings. But your generators never lie and will prove our savings!