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Our nanO2 ESG Combustion Catalyst achieves a more complete combustion that chemically alters the timing of a compression combustion engine to use a larger percentage of the fuel to create power which reduces unburned fuel escaping in the exhaust as smoke. Testing has demonstrated a 6-10% improvement in fuel efficiency and 25-50% reductions of harmful emissions without any engine modifications. Purify Fuel nanO2 ESG catalysts reduces fuel consumption while eliminating nitrous oxide to lessen the Global Warming Potential by 7-15%. Successful testing across multiple sectors (marine, oil and gas, rail) has demonstrated that our product works to reduce greenhouse gases, eliminates harmful emissions while saving our customers money – an ESG home run.


Dramatic Performance Improvements

Increased Fuel

CO Emission


Particulate Matter

Reduces Engine

Improves Health
& Safety

Cleans Fuel

Increases Power Output

Combustion Effects

How Our Patented Catalyst Works

Boosts Cetane

Lowers pressure required to start ignition. Initiates combustion sooner. Reduces combustion and exhaust temperatures.

Catalyzes Oxidation

Manages combustion chamber levels. Extends combustion duration. Burns off soot and carbon deposits.

Lubricates & Cleans

Maintains injector flow. Reduces heat to lower NOx production. Restores lubricity lost in transition to ULSD.

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Saves Fuel

Purify Fuel’s patented nanO2 diesel combustion catalyst utilizes proven nanotechnology to improve fuel efficiency between 6% and 12%. The unique formula of nanO2:

  • Advances ignition timing
  • Promotes complete combustion
  • Harnesses more energy from each gram of fuel used

The nanotechnology in nanO2 catalyzes the combustion process in the cylinder, beginning ignition sooner and donating billions of molecules of oxygen to extend combustion during the power stroke to create a more complete combustion that produces fewer emissions. This results in less fuel required per stroke to perform the same work, saving fuel and money.

Our nanO2 product delivers 6% to 12% fuel savings depending on the fuel quality, engine condition, and operational use. We devise custom blends of our nanO­2 product to maximize the benefits for each unique customer and energy challenge.

Fleetwide Fuel Consumption Never Lies

We work with our customers to monitor the effects of nanO2 on their fleets’ fuel consumption. We use our own Proof of Performance testing platform to monitor efficiency and emissions and verify the benefits that nanO2 produces. Fuel savings are guaranteed to exceed the cost of nanO2 implementation and save customers money.

Reduces Emisions

Combustion emissions are both local and global problems. Local worker health is endangered by various harmful emissions while greenhouse gases threaten climate stability. Purify Fuel’s nanO2 addresses these issues by decreasing:

  • Particulate matter emissions, a primary driver of respiratory health issues
  • Carbon monoxide emissions, a toxic gas that can cause asphyxiation
  • Fuel consumption, directly reducing total engine emissions

Purify Fuel’s nanO2 was originally designed to protect underground miners who were working in confined spaces and operating diesel engines. Diesel engines notoriously emit large quantities of particulate matter (PM) (unburned hydrocarbons) and soot (unburned carbons) resulting from an incomplete combustion process.

Diesel PM and soot have been identified as a carcinogen and exposure has been linked to headaches, nausea, difficulty breathing, increased risk of both cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary disease, and lung cancer. Minimizing exposure to diesel PM and soot is vital for the health of both workers and the public.

The Science Behind the Product

Purify Fuel’s nanO2 functions as a catalyst, promoting complete combustion through the donation of oxygen atoms and reducing the light-off temperature of PM (the temperature at which PM is burned). By advancing the timing of combustion, the PM and soot is burned during combustion resulting in the harnessing of a greater percentage of the fuel as energy, nanO2 is able to reduce PM emissions by as much as 35% and soot by up to 60%. Additionally, we have created special formulas for use in mining/fracking that further optimize soot and PM reduction.

Carbon monoxide is another highly toxic pollutant emitted from the incomplete combustion of diesel fuel. Through its catalytic activity, nanO2 decreases the emission of CO up to 60% by oxidizing it to CO2. Acute exposure to carbon monoxide may cause seizure, coma, and is the most common type of fatal air poisoning. Additional symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and fatigue that can result in a misdiagnosis of food poisoning. With significant reduction of carbon monoxide emissions, nanO2 protects the health of people near operating diesel engines.

Protects Engines

Bio-fuels, ethanol, and low sulfur fuels create conditions which lead to the degradation of engines, reducing their performance and lifespan. Purify Fuel’s nanO2 combines nanotechnology with a proprietary blend of chemicals that:

  • Increases lubricity resulting in extended engine life
  • Cleans injectors and valves to improve efficiency
  • Prevents carbon buildup to maintain performance

One commonality amongst ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuels is that they have reduced lubricity. This results in increased friction between moving parts of an engine, generating heat, reducing performance and shortening its service life. By adding lubricity agents to nanO2, the lubricity of alternative fuels and fuel blends is increased, protecting our customers’ engines and improving their performance.

nanO2 Removes Deposits for Peak Performance

The nanotechnology component of nanO2 decreases the light-off temperature of soot deposits, cleaning internal components such as injectors and valves. By removing these deposits, engines are able to operate at peak performance again and will need to be taken out of service for repairs and maintenance less frequently.

Engines will remain clean and continue to operate at their best as nanO2 continues to remove soot deposits and prevent carbon buildup on injectors, in the piston, and throughout the engine.

Scientifically Proven

Founded on decades of research and development, nanO2 combustion catalyst combines proven technologies to increase fuel efficiency and lubricity while decreasing harmful emissions. Purify Fuel’s nanO2 offers our customers:

  • A lubricant and detergent to protect engines
  • A nanoparticulate catalyst to enhance combustion
  • Components to improve fuel storage and cold weather attributes
  • A custom formulation to optimize performance without costly engine modifications

Proven Nanotechnology

Developed and tested in research laboratories at universities such as Oxford, India Institute of Technology and Purdue, the nanotechnology foundation of our nanO2 combustion catalyst formulation has been verified to improve fuel efficiency by promoting a more complete combustion. Our product’s underlying nanotechnology was developed by specialty chemical company Solvay. Over the past 18 years, Solvay’s EOLYS Fuel Additives have been an essential element in our fuel combustion catalyst formulations.

Customized Formulations for Clients’ Needs

To maximize the benefits from nanO2, we work with our clients to develop custom formulations and hone in on ideal concentrations of components. We understand that not all engines, fuels, and applications are the same and require individual attention to achieve maximum productivity.

Performance in the Field

Purify Fuel has developed and continues to perfect our Proof of Performance (POP) testing that we complete with new clients to quantify the impact our product has on their fleet. By utilizing laboratory-grade instrumentation, we confidently show our customers the real emissions reductions achieved for carbon monoxide, particulate matter, fuel consumption, and more benefits from the use of nanO2.

Our nanO2 performance as been implemented and proven in real working conditions in a range of industries. [Link to Fracking Study and Rail Study]

Cold Weather Performance

Cold weather performance options are available, enabling nanO2 users to prepare for winter without changing their fuel. Our nanotechnology cold weather performance package results in a cloud point of -40 °F and a cold filter plug point of -20 °F, and are designed to be used in todays 2 micron fuel injectors and smaller fuel filters.

Inside the Combustion Process

Inside the engine, complex hydrocarbon molecules are broken down into simpler molecules, releasing energy in the process. If the combustion process is complete, complex hydrocarbons molecules split during ignition and combine with oxygen to create simple water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules. If the combustion process has insufficient oxygen, instead of producing environmentally beneficial carbon dioxide “CO2”, the process produces poisonous carbon monoxide “CO.”

If oxygen runs out and carbon oxidation fails, Soot (unburned carbon) and/or Particulate Matter (unburned hydrocarbon) are emitted into the atmosphere. In every scenario the form of the molecules may change, but the quantity of elemental components of these molecules do not change. The number of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms exiting the combustion chamber is the same as the number entering the chamber in the form of fuel and air.

The air used to transport the oxygen to the combustion chamber also contains lots of Nitrogen (N2) (almost 80% of air is Nitrogen). If the combustion process gets too hot (>1200o C), the Nitrogen (N2) splits apart and combines with oxygen to form oxides of nitrogen (NOx) which can come in a number of types including NO, NO2, N2O and N2O5. nanO2 oxidation catalysts stops donated oxygen to the combustion process at temperatures above 900o C, which helps to reduce engine over-heating to help manage the combustion process.

In an ideal process Hydrocarbon molecules will be combined with oxygen molecules to create steam (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature and oxygen release will be governed by nanO2 to prevent the creation of NOx and CO.

nanO2 governs the combustion process to prevent excess heat and insufficient oxygen. As heat can be generated by alcohol, friction and excessive oxygen, our product is designed to produce no heat increase using zero alcohol and containing a lubricity agent to reduce friction. Our oxidation catalyst, cerium oxide, acts as a governor to help prevent excess heat. It stops donating oxygen to the combustion process and will absorb oxygen if temperatures get too hot. Our nanO2 is formulated to generate the most complete combustion possible without generating excess heat.


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