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November 13, 2019

50 Days Until IMO 2020 Marine Regulation Kicks In

Screenshot of the quoted article from the the Flexport  website.
Flexport reports on the challenges facing the maritime industry as IMO regulation disrupts energy markets.

Flexport has published an in-depth analysis of the challenges coming on January 1st to the marine transport industry, IMO 2020: Are You Ready?

On this 50-day mark, we’re asking the same question.

IMO 2020 has been dubbed “the biggest planned disruption in the history of energy markets.” Jamie Webster, Senior Director at the Center for Energy Impact of the Boston Consulting Group, isn’t the only one concerned about the sulfur cap.

Steve Sawyer, a senior consultant for the energy consultant Facts Global Energy, struggles to consider who won’t feel the impact of IMO 2020. He told CNBC back in July that "it’s going to affect crude oil producers, traders, ship owners, refiners, equity investors, insurance companies, logistical businesses, banks…"

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