July 22, 2020

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On-Demand Viewing for Purify Fuel's Stack Fire Risk Webinar Now Available

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Recognizing the increased time demands on rail industry professionals, Purify Fuel has made its recent webinar, Fire Risk: Can We Mitigate While Saving Money, available for on-demand viewing.

The webinar covers operational challenges including emissions that can cause wayside fires. It features Purify Fuel's Jay Fountain, VP Rail Group, a 42-year-veteran of Amtrak. It also features John Campbell, Chairman, a 47-year-veteran of Caterpillar — manufacturers of Caterpillar, EMD and Perkins engines — and a 7-year, former member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Act Advisory Council.

The two speakers provide an in-depth overview of Purify Fuel's nanO2 combustion catalyst, in-field and third party validation testing, and how the product works to save money, increase power and reduce emissions. Included are answers to questions from participating short line freight railroads such as the cost-benefit of Purify Fuel's nanO2 Combustion Catalysts® and potential for use with heavy fuel oils.

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