February 11, 2020

Purify Fuel Announces its Preferred Stock Offering

Invest in the Most Exciting Transformation of the Diesel Market

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Purify Fuel is proud to share this early-stage investment opportunity. Preferred stock is now on offer, allowing us to capitalize on unrivaled business partnerships, improve bottom lines, and make a positive impact on our environment.

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The transition from diesel will take decades—and burning it leads to dangerous air quality.

Pound for pound, diesel is the most powerful commercial energy resource, fueling more than 400 million engines worldwide. Consumption is projected to grow over the next two decades. Yet, harmful emissions from incomplete diesel combustion contribute to poor ambient air quality, which affects 91% of the world’s population and leads to over 4 million deaths in 2018.* In fact, the oil and shipping industry is undergoing its biggest shakeup in history. IMO 2020, which drastically curbs sulfur-related air pollution from the world’s ships, is pushing operators to find cost-effective means to compliance.

Purify Fuel provides an immediate, cost-lowering solution for making diesel cleaner.

Purify Fuel develops, manufactures and markets nanO2 Combustion Catalysts®, our patented, custom-blended fuel additives, to optimize diesel fuel and to help operators in heavy transportation industries save money, increase power, and reduce emissions—while avoiding additional CapEx.

Our revolutionary product achieves the most complete combustion possible without any engine modifications. We can help the world’s largest consumers of diesel in Rail, Marine, Power Generation, Extraction, and Military achieve 6-10% fuel efficiency and 30-60% reduction in harmful emissions.

As we develop new energy sources, we need a transition technology to make diesel cleaner. Help us provide the world with a bridge solution, today.

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