September 10, 2019

Purify Fuel at ASLRRA San Antonio 2019

San Antonio Riverwalk
Railroad industry leaders are meeting in San Antonio, Texas on September 11, 2019.

Purify Fuel is excited to visit San Antonio, Texas for the 2019 Central Pacific Region Meeting, hosted by the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association on September 11 - 13.

CEO John Carroll and VP of Rail Group Jay Fountain will be sharing the latest updates to our Railroad Case Study, where we demonstrate fuel savings of 8.1% and visible reductions of harmful emissions that can cause stack fires with a real-world short line railroad customer.

Purify Fuel is proud to be making important contributions to the American railroad sector. Our patented nanO2 Combustion Catalysts help operators save money by making their trains more fuel efficient—without engine modifications. In addition, nanO2 makes locomotives run cleaner by reducing soot, which can lead to dangerous fires and delay operations.

For over a hundred years, ASLRRA has represented the entrepreneurial owners and operators of short line and regional railroads throughout North America. Today, over 600 of these small businesses are vital to the hub-and-spoke transportation network, often providing the first-mile/last-mile connection between farmers and manufacturers and the ultimate consumer.

Meet us at our table and learn more Sept 11 - 12 in San Antonio!

Click here to review our Railroad Case Study.

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Haley Steinhauser

Purify Fuel

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