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Fire Season Risk: Can We Mitigate While Saving Money?
August 5, 2020

Join us Wednesday, August 5 at 12 PM Central Time to learn how the largest short line company is reducing fire risk while increasing power and saving money!

Farmland on fire.

Join us for our free, 30-minute conversation for short line GMs, operations, mechanical and procurement officers. Learn how the short line railroad industry's largest company is reducing stack fire risk while increasing power and saving money!

John Campbell's Portrait

You'll hear from our featured speaker, John Campbell, a 47-year veteran of Caterpillar—manufacturers of Caterpillar, EMD and Perkins engines. John also served on the EPA’s Clean Air Act Advisory Council for 7 years.

John will share the science and mechanics of an innovation that is helping railroads reduce the buildup and embers that lead to engine damage and wayside fire risk—while increasing engine horsepower and fuel economy.

Bring your issues and ask the expert. Expect a highly interactive discussion—with as much time as you need for answers.

Seats limited to the first dozen railroads that sign up. Grab your place now and join your colleagues before space runs out!


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