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Scientific Chemical Development for Cost Saving, Cleaner Fuel Solutions.

Purify Fuel is a greener energy company that develops, manufactures and markets precision-blended combustion catalysts to optimize diesel fuel for global industry to Save Money, Increase Power, and Reduce Emissions.


Over 150 Years Combined Experience for Solving Today’s Energy Challenges.

We are recognized scientists, innovators and industry veterans dedicated to research and rigorous testing for maximum fuel performance. Our technical expertise in science, chemistry, fuel and mechanical engineering, and operations guides our meticulous development process and performance standards.

Corporate Leadership

John Carroll

Chief Executive Officer

John Campbell

Chairman of the Board Science Committee Chairman

John Miller

President, Marine Group

Steven Guse

Chief Financial Officer

Geof Rochester

Chief Marketing Officer

John Wagner

Chief Technology Officer

[April 2020]

President, PFI Americas

Tom Rogers

VP, Strategic Sourcing

Patrick Gallagher

VP, Public Sector

Jay Fountain

VP, Rail Group

[February 2020]

VP, Marine Group

Steve Douglas

VP, Professional Services

James Dale, PhD

VP, Research & Development

John Remondini

Director of Operations

Gene Aguinaga

Director, Technical Support

Harold H. Allen, Jr., M.D

Technology Consultant Science Committee

Randall Petty, PhD

Technology Consultant Science Committee

Barry Park, PhD

Technology Consultant Science Committee

Board of Directors

John Campbell

Chairman of the Board

John Carroll

Vice Chairman of the Board President & CEO

Nancy Roe

Member of the Board Chair of Audit Committee

[April 2020]

Secretary of the Board

William “Tony” Hitschler

Member of the Board

Steven Guse

Member of the Board Treasurer & CFO

Patrick Gallagher

Member of the Board

Rick Richards

Member of the Board Chair of Compensation Committee

John Sattler

Member of the Board

Our Story

Smarter Diesel for a Cleaner World

What if we could make diesel work harder, safer and smarter today? What would be the impact on energy costs and the environment? These questions inspired our founding and drive our work.

We are committed to working toward a clean energy future while addressing the energy challenges of the present. We produce the only combustion catalyst on the market that has demonstrated significant fuel savings and emission reductions in real world working environments.

Our revolutionary nanO2® combustion catalyst achieves the most complete combustion possible resulting in 6% to 12% improvement in fuel efficiency and greater than 35 - 60% reductions of harmful emissions. Thoroughly tested and guaranteed to deliver, it is the optimal, practical solution for today’s diesel fuel challenges.

Purify Fuel is based in the United States with offices in Singapore and Monaco. We work with the largest diesel consuming industries in rail, military, marine, extraction and power generation—with annual combined diesel consumption of almost 200 billion gallons. We are committed to transforming the diesel fuel markets around the world.

We have a long history of leveraging the latest technology to solve mission critical problems for the largest companies on the planet. We are confident that we can improve any diesel-consuming company’s fuel performance and their bottom line.

Our Performance

Proven In The Lab And In The Field

At Purify Fuel, we understand our product’s worth is only as good as its performance. We understand justified skepticism in the fuel additives market without verifiable evidence. That’s why we thoroughly test and continuously monitor performance to deliver consistent, verifiable results in the lab and in the field. Through independent certification by the Houston Advanced Research Center at University Of Texas, and in extensive performance tests in the field, we thoroughly vetted and refined our product for consistent results.

We are confident in the effectiveness of our solution. We have seen the product satisfaction. It has been used in 14,000,000 engines worldwide since 2003 without incident or warranty service. We have seen the impact of large-scale emission reduction promise. The same underlying nanotechnology was put to use to effectively reduce emissions in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games and create a significant improvement in air quality. Our product is a game-changer for diesel-consuming industries.

Evidence Based

Proof of Performance Program

We deliver performance data for our customers to quantify the impact our product has on their fleet. Our Proof of Performance (PoP) testing process utilizes laboratory-grade instrumentation to measure fuel consumption by the gram and true engine output (e.g. kWh). We are committed to showing our customers the real emissions reductions achieved for carbon monoxide, particulate matter, fuel consumption, and more benefits from the use of nanO2.

Our nanO2 performance has been tested and proven in real working conditions in a range of industries.

Road Warrior

Tested Since The Beginning

We have been committed to performance testing since our founding when CEO John Carroll tested an early version of the product himself. Skeptical about its performance, John wanted to see the product in action. So, with his spouse and the family dog along for the ride, he took on a uniquely demanding endurance test drive—over 500 miles down and back on an isolated stretch of I-75 known as Alligator Alley. Running through the Florida Everglades, traveling more than 7,000 miles, the road had no fueling stations at the time. And it is surrounded by hundreds of gators—more motivation to keep moving forward. The test was a success without incident, gator related or otherwise. John saw the product performance then and the potential for wide application.

We remain passionate about performance verification. After years of development, we guarantee our product to deliver the best cost savings and emissions reductions on the market.


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