Saves Fuel

Purify Fuel improves your motors fuel efficiency by as much as 15%! Its nanotechnology-based particles adhere to the fuel molecules, creating:

  • Advances Ignition Timing
  • Complete burn of fuel in the cylinders
  • Increased power output from each stroke            Read More

Reduce Emissions

While we all have a responsibility to conserve and protect the environment, other issues include:

  • Worker safety (asthma -> asphyxiation)
  • Operator comfort and health concerns
  • Dirty engines/soot-covered vehicles
  • Carbon Cap and Trade costs                    Read More

Protects Engines

Bio-Fuels, Ethanol, and Low Sulfur fuels, create the perfect storm to wear down and reduce the life of your engines; by as much as 25%. We added organic oils to our cleaner burning nanotechnology formula to:

  • Add lubricity to prevent engine wear
  • Eliminate carbon build-up
  • Clean injector systems & valves                         Read More

scientifically proven

Built on the incredible work performed at Oxford and other universities worldwide. Our “NanO2®” Fuel Additive offers  the following features:
•     Adds an organic lubricant to protect engines running ULSD or Ethanol,
•     Integrates a hydrogen catalyst to further enhance combustion,
•     Removes alcohol derivatives from the formula to better protect engines… Read More

Combatting Global Warming
while Protecting your Budget

Purify Fuel’s NanO2® patent-pending fuel additive is a revolutionary product with a very simple goal. To achieve the most complete combustion possible which is how we achieve 8% to 15% improvement in fuel efficiency and greater than 60% reduction of harmful emissions.

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