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Reduce Emissions, Increase Power, Save Money.

Our nanO2 Combustion Catalyst achieves a more complete combustion by chemically altering the timing of a compression combustion engine, using a larger percentage of the fuel to create power which reduces unburned fuel escaping in the exhaust as smoke.

Testing has demonstrated  a 5% to 8% improvement in fuel efficiency and 20% or greater reduction of CO and NOx  without any engine modifications. Purify Fuel nanO2 catalyst reduces fuel consumption and lessens the global warming potential.

Successful testing across multiple sectors (marine, oil and gas, rail) has demonstrated that our product works to reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions while saving our customers money.

How Our Patented Catalyst Works

Boosts Cetane
Boosts Cetane
Lowers pressure required to start ignition. Initiates combustion sooner.
Catalyzes Oxidation
Catalyzes Oxidation
Manages the oxygen in the combustion chamber. Reduces combustion temperatures. Extends combustion duration. Minimizes soot and reduces carbon deposits.
Lubricates & Cleans
Lubricates & Cleans
Maintains injector flow. Reduces heat to lower NOx production.

Significant Performance Improvements

Increased Fuel Efficiency
Reduces Engine Temperature
CO Emission Reduction
Improves Health & Safety
NOx Reduction
Cleans Fuel Injectors
Particulate Matter Reduction
Increases Power Output