Smarter Diesel for a Cleaner World

What if we could make diesel work harder, safer and smarter today? What would be the impact on energy costs and the environment? What if we could achieve meaningful carbon reduction without having to make any mechanical modifications or wait for the development of new fuels? These questions inspired our creation of nan02 and drive our work.

At Purify Fuel, we are committed to working toward a clean energy future while addressing the energy challenges of the present. A pivot from fossil fuels may not be immediate, but we CAN reduce emissions from diesel TODAY.  Our  combustion catalyst  has demonstrated significant fuel savings and emission reductions in real world working environments.

Our revolutionary nanO2® combustion catalyst  enhances combustion resulting in 5% to 8% improvement in fuel efficiency and 20% or greater reduction of emissions of concern. Extensively tested and deployed, it is the optimal, practical solution for today’s diesel fuel performance challenges.

We work with the largest diesel consuming industries– Oil and Gas  Rail, Marine, Extraction and Power Generation—with annual combined diesel consumption of almost 200 billion gallons.

We are confident that we can improve any diesel-consuming company’s carbon footprint while improving their bottom line.