The Golden Eagle, a 45 meter private yacht, tested the NanO2 combustion catalyst on a 3,385 nautical mile run between Gibraltar and Antigua—to surprising results.

Lulu Trask with SuperyatchNews writes about an impromptu test of the Purify Fuel NanO2 combustion catalyst aboard the Golden Eagle, a 45 meter private yacht with Captain Mike Conquest at the helm, on a trans-atlantic voyage from Gibraltar on the south of Spain to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean.

“Having added the product in Gibraltar, during our run from Gibraltar to Antigua (3,385nm), we averaged less than 130 litres per hour and only used half our fuel capacity, much better than calculated or anticipated. I will keep a track of the continual usage from now on to compare with previous figures, but I am impressed with both the product and Golden Eagle.”

— Captain Mike Conquest

The test showed surprising improvements in fuel efficiency of 11% to 14.5%. Reductions of soot on the hull sides were also measured, with no evidence of it on the deck or furniture. “My experience seems to verify that, as claimed, the product does exactly what it says on the can,” said Captain Mike.

To learn more about Captain Mike and the Golden Eagle, read the article at SuperyatchNews.

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