Case Study Details
Location: East Texas
Baseline: 07/01/22-09/28/22
nanO2: 09/29/22-12/15/22
Test KPI: kWh/gal
Rig Spec: Land Rig
Power Generation (4): CAT 3512

Testing resulted in a 5% increase in fuel efficiency over the baseline, saving 5,428 gallons of diesel over the 73 days that used nanO2. Differences in avg kW and gens-online (efficiency changes that would be attributable to changes in engine management) were accounted for when comparing the two datasets.
The 5,428 -gallon fuel savings equates to an estimated reduction of 55.6 metric tons of CO2e*. This does not take into consideration the additional reduction in emissions resulting from nanO2that have been observed.

The nanO2fuel enhancer was effective in reducing emissions of the East Texas operations and increasing its fuel efficiencies. The rig successfully implemented the manual dosing procedure into daily operations to ensure continued savings and safe operations.



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