Deployments of the nanO2 ® fuel enhancer to lower fuel costs and emissions from land drilling operations have reached three continents.

Drilling rigs in Texas, Colombia, Argentina, the Middle East, and elsewhere have seen reduced fuel consumption by up to 8%, without requiring costly engine modifications.

The nanO2 fuel enhancer has also shown promise in completion operations.

Now, Canrig, the exclusive distributor of nanO2 for oil and gas drilling and completions, has set its sights on offshore operations.

Using nanO2 to Decarbonize Offshore Operations

The nanO2 fuel enhancer improves the combustion process of diesel engines, resulting in improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and increased power.

Following its success onshore, Canrig has been trialing the technology offshore and has recently collaborated with other companies to offer nanO2 more broadly. Offshore operations generally consume more fuel than land operations, making them a prime beneficiary for nanO2 adoption.

Testing offshore is currently underway with several companies.

Joining Forces with Breaux Petroleum Products

More recently, Canrig has teamed up with material and logistics provider, Breaux Petroleum Products, in Louisiana, to serve the Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling market with the nanO2 fuel enhancer technology. The collaboration is seeing significant benefits in increasing the footprint of this fuel enhancer to the region’s high-volume operators, including offshore rigs, drill ships, FPSOs, and long-haul carriers.

One of the key advantages of this partnership is the ability to offer quick turnaround service while meeting offshore container requirements. Breaux Petroleum Products has been serving the Gulf of Mexico for over 100 years and can deliver up to 5,000 gallons of fuel additive in their stainless-steel tanks. This asset-managed, turnkey service is crucial for operators who need to ensure their equipment is always running at optimal performance.

This innovative development is proving to be exciting for the industry, as it has the potential to bring significant cost savings and environmental benefits to offshore drilling operations in the region.


Footnote: Canrig® is the sole provider under an exclusive license with Purify Fuels, Inc. For more information regarding certain exclusions for submarkets in North America, please contact your Canrig representative.