Following a successful trial of Purify Fuel’s nanO2 catalyst on the M/T Alsia Swan earlier this year, Bunker One has announced it is embarking on a further six-month trial of the fuel additive across multiple vessels.

The trial onboard the 5,717 DWT oil tanker, which is operated by Uni-Tankers, generated ‘notable fuel savings of 6.4% with MGO [marine gasoil] and 5.9% with VLSFO [very low sulphur fuel oil]’, Bunker One said in a statement yesterday (14 November).

The companies have signed a Joint Supply and Marketing Agreement (JSMA), providing Bunker One with exclusive rights to promote and sell the nanO2 fuel combustion catalyst to the shipping segment. Moreover, should this latest trial yield substantial reductions, Middelfart-headquartered Bunker One says it aims to solidify its commitment by entering into a contract with Purify Fuel.

‘The significant fuel savings observed on M/T Alsia Swan were truly impressive,’ said Peter Zachariassen, CEO of Bunker One. ‘NanO2 could be a pivotal facilitator for shipping lines transitioning to sustainable fuel and a key contributor to meeting the IMO’s carbon targets.’

Scott Whitney, President / CEO of Purify Fuel, added: ‘Bunker One is the global leader in the marine bunker industry. We are excited about this opportunity to collaborate with them to help the marine shipping industry decarbonise as we are currently doing for other industries, including railroads and the oil and gas drilling sector.’